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Westchester Lock and Security is a certified provider of a wide range of Westchester locksmith solutions that include security cameras, access control systems, intercoms, and burglar alarms. We install, repair and replace security systems in residential and commercial properties. Our team comprises of highly trained technicians with vast industry experience. In every project, we maintain high standards and focus on enhancing security in the property of our client.

Security cameras

Westchester Lock and Security provides professional security cameras installation and repair. We can install security camera system, troubleshoot and repair an existing system if faulty. With advancement in cellular and DVR technology, we can install a camera system that produces High Definition pictures that you can monitor remotely using a Smartphone that is compatible with 4G/LTE or 3G. You can also use your office or home computer as well as a compatible browser to monitor your property.

So, if you are looking for locksmith Westchester experts that will install, repair or maintain your security camera system, get in touch with Westchester Lock and Security right away. We will be glad to provide a service that suits your needs or those of your business. Our technicians can also advice you so that you can select the most appropriate security camera system for your property and install it professionally. Use our skilled and experienced technicians and superior equipment to get an exceptional service.

Access control systems

We are proud to provide the best access control systems for commercial establishments in Westchester. Whether you need an access control system for your large business, organization, or a retail outlet, we can install and repair its access control unit. With a properly functioning system, you will prevent access to designated areas by unauthorized persons. You will also ensure that only specific members of the staff access some areas of the building.

At Westchester Lock and Security, we will be glad to formulate and implement a strategy that will allow authorized persons to enter and leave your property effortlessly. We install systems that add value to business operations by providing managed access. Our Westchester locksmith specialists handle all aspects of the system layout, installation, configuration, maintenance, testing, and inspection. We provide a local access control systems service that caters for the needs of different types of properties. What’s more, we provide a wide range of access control systems including key pads, access control cards, and biometric devices. We also use the right products, technology and equipment for different commercial and residential properties.

Among the benefits of using our access control systems service include:

  • Simple management of access credentials

  • Restriction of sensitive areas’ access by employees

  • Prevention of unauthorized access

  • Accommodation of trusted suppliers and vendors only

  • Tracking of entry/exit times

  • Generation of traffic reports

  • Retrieval of audit data for case review in the event of workplace incidents

  • Performance of centralized lockdown drills

  • Easy administration of the access control unit remotely

  • Enhanced protection of people, facilities, and assets


We install the best intercoms in the market in homes in Westchester and the surrounding areas. Do you want to communicate conveniently across your home? Then you should get in touch with Westchester Lock and Security.

Whether you are looking for the best way to communicate messages to kids in your home or to easily use a Smartphone to answer your front door, Westchester Lock and Security will install an ideal Intercom system for you. Our locksmith Westchester technicians will listen to your needs or idea and make it a reality.

We have an extensive list of products that includes the top-line brands. We also install systems with easy operations and video entry systems. This ensures that you can enhance security in your home even without technical knowledge. However, we install high efficient, expandable, and adaptable intercom systems. We also provide a wide range of replacement components to homeowners with existing systems.

Burglar alarms

Westchester Lock and Security is determined to keep your family and property secure by installing quality burglar alarms. We install alarms that enable you to keep your family and property safe from unwanted intruders. Essentially, we install, repair and replace different types of home alarms. Whether you need a hard-wired or a wireless alarm system, we will install it in your property. What’s more, our technicians will work closely with you to come up with a personalized system that is reliable and comprehensive. We will also install a system that will complement your home aesthetics and lifestyle.

Generally, no installation is too small or too big for our technicians to handle. Our commitment is to provide security solutions that fit the needs of our clients. We install and repair burglar alarms in hotels, churches, restaurants, retail establishments, homes, libraries, and municipalities among other institutions. We handle all major brands of burglar alarms. All our installations and repairs are done using superior parts.

The vast experience of our technicians enables us to design alarm systems that suit the needs of different properties. We also have the right equipment to install your alarm system without interfering with your lifestyle. Since we know how different detection and alarm systems work, we will select the most appropriate system for your business or home. And, we can service or maintain your burglar alarm system any time you want after installation. This will enable you to keep your system in proper working condition throughout. So, whether you want us to install, repair, or maintain your burglar alarm, get in touch with us any time.

Enhance reliability and performance of your security system

Nothing provides peace of mind than knowing that your family and property are secure. A reliable security system that is performing optimally enables you to keep your family and property secure. At Westchester Lock and Security, we want to ensure maximum protection of your property from unwanted intruders. We want to install, repair, and maintain your security cameras, access control system, intercom system, and burglar alarms to ensure their optimal performance at all times.

Call us now to schedule installation, repair, or maintenance of your security system with the leading Westchester locksmith experts!