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Westchester Lock and Security- The Leading Locksmith Service

Welcome to Westchester Lock and Security- the provider of the best Westchester locksmith service. We are a team of highly skilled, experienced, and bonded locksmiths. We provide the best locksmith solutions for locks, safes, access control systems, intercoms, and alarm systems. In every job, we observe the highest level of quality and professionalism. Westchester Lock and Security provides full-line locksmith services. Our solutions cater for commercial, industrial and residential property owners. We also provide custom solutions to property owners.

Comprehensive locksmith services

We provide locksmith Westchester services that cover locks, safes, door hardware, keys, door closers, lockouts, lock installation, repair, and rekeying. Our technicians have vast experience in providing these and other solutions to lock system problems.

If you no longer have control over your keys, don’t think about locks replacement as the first priority. Westchester Lock and Security can ease the budget by simply re-keying the existing locks. That means your old keys won’t work on your locks.

We have a wide range of key control system options. As a property manager or owner, it’s important to know the number of keys that can be used to access your facility and who makes them. We can make keys that will allow only authorized individuals to access your property.

Maybe you don’t want to be moving around with many keys for different doors in your property. Well, get in touch with Westchester Lock and Security. We will reduce these keys to a single master key that opens all locks in your property. You can have a master key that opens all rooms and an individual key for every room.

An audible alarm or device notifies you whenever a door is opened. We can install an alarm to an exit door. We can also install a time-delayed opening system as well. Panic Hardware or Exit Device secures door openings while providing emergency exit. This is a requirement for commercial establishment codes.

We can install a device that controls self closing while preventing slamming. This reduces frame and door damage. It also provides security and privacy in controlled environments.

If your contractor, employee, or valet made your keys accessible to members of the general public, it’s possible that someone has made a copy of the keys without your authorization or knowledge. Westchester Lock and Security provides numerous high-security solutions to such issues. For instance, we provide a key that includes an electric function to allow you access and control over the people that access your facility and when they do so. High security locks enable you to control access while providing an audit history of the keys that are used to open locks and the time when they are opened.

Electronic security

For many years, Westchester Lock and Security has provided electronic security solutions to businesses and homes in Westchester and the surrounding areas. Our electronic security solutions include:


Westchester Lock and Security installs and services safes that protect your valuable belongings, cash, photos and crucial documents from theft or fire. We use products that have been tested to make sure that they meet the highest industry standards. That means you are guaranteed superior performance of your safes once you enlist our services. Call us any time you want us to repair or replace your safes and we will be glad to provide a superior service.
We have experienced safe engineers and skilled locksmiths that provide a wide range of our locksmith Westchester services that include safe installation and key cutting among others.

Automotive locksmith services

Have you locked keys inside the car? Or, have you broken a car key in the ignition? Well, don’t panic. Just call Westchester Lock and Security for immediate assistance. Our technicians will open the lock on your car door without causing any damage. We can also duplicate your car keys and program them. And, we provide our service any time regardless of your location in Westchester.

Additionally, if your remotes are no longer working, we can repair them. If the batteries are low, we can replace them. We program factory remotes for different vehicle makes and models. What’s more, we can service the trunk, ignition, and door locks for all vehicle models. We can also re-key an existing cylinder to match the current key.

Prompt residential and commercial locksmith services

Westchester Lock and Security provides the most reliable and professional residential and commercial locksmith services in Westchester. Our services are provided by highly trained, fast, and experienced technicians. We know how it feels to be stranded inside or outside a car or building. We never want you to bear this awful experience longer than necessary. That’s why we respond to calls from our clients promptly. So, if you need help of a Westchester locksmith specialist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Call Westchester Lock and Security now to have a team of uniformed technicians fixing your problem within minutes!